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Question: In the absence of accessories, but urgently, workarounds summary

1. FEEDER pawl on the vulnerable parts, and after a period of time, it will be bald, slipping on the ratchet pawl cause, and therefore not roll tape, suction nozzle is less than expected. In this case, it should be replaced with new pawl. However, if no new pawl ratchet can be worn again sharpened, with good results.
2.Nozzle with too long will be white, affecting parts identification. If there are no new replacement nozzle can be blacked out, continue to use.
3.There are some machines due to the age of the longer, or because after several transport, rail transport of severely deformed PCB, left and right sides of the track or not parallel, or about rugged, if replacement parts, too expensive. In this case, in a simple and easy to find something - rubber band to resolve. Here we have several older machines, machines are more than ten years of age, rambling on track, with a lot of rubber bands, sent to board basically very smooth.
4.Here we have a machine that detects when the MV θ origin is always wrong, because the sensitivity of the fiber decreases, repeatedly adjust to no avail. In the absence of new replacement, so I think of a way from the back, the upper part of photosensitive fiber casing nozzle object oil pen with white painted white. Due to the home position is a black hole, the other part is white, fiber is easy to identify. (MV150 The machine can also be used in this way, but the white- place at the top of the casing)
5.CM402 of PCB conveyor belt broke, no parts replacement, can not therefore discontinued ah. Had he pushed the plate, very troublesome. After much deliberation, finally we use 12mm roll of tape made a charge, did not expect this test, or a very good way.
6.MV2 cylinder machines FEEDER BLOCK bad, as long as the machine a turn, FEEDER will feed, the material is a waste. No replacement parts, then the use of light to heavy round way, will change over the cylinder VACUUM LOCK first use. Of course, this approach would contaminate the nozzle to a certain extent, but compared with the butt of their impact on small.
7.MSH3 MOUNT BLOW LOCK solenoid valve is broken, through power switch is not flexible, when the bad sometimes when suction blow, causing flying pieces. Because there is no accessories, and is the next bold M NOZZLE CHANGE LOCK swap with solenoid valve. Because we do not use here MSH3 M NOZZLE, so M NOZZLE CHANGE LOCK very seldom solenoid switch. After replacing basically solved the problem.
8.Sometimes a bad sensor, no new replacement signal can be short-circuited. MK2C machine SUPPORT 01MS01A following two sensors I took short, this time to pay attention to check that the cylinder is in good condition. PCB detection sensor 914 also took short, this time to confirm the origin of the sensor L in good condition. Need to be reminded that the sensor is not everything will be fine after a short circuit, and to make the appropriate preventive measures. Not all can be shorted to encourage short, we must consider the consequences are not serious.
9.BM221 vibration FEEDER too little, not enough, buy it, one is expensive, two is far will not be forthcoming, take a few months before they arrive. So we thought of a way. Asked people to do a few can be installed on the machine shaker, this vibration table using an external 220V AC. It requires only able to vibrate and the vibration can adjust the size of it, so it is easy to do simple things out. When in use, will be installed on the machine vibration table, next to the original fitted with a roll material FEEDER (cylinder motor FEEDER FEEDER or can be), the feed station set volume filling stations loaded FEEDER will TEACHING function with suction position to move to the vibration table. Due to the location of the machine allows the suction offset reaches about 10CM, so a vibration table can hold several tube loading, very practical. Work by vibration shaker responsible for providing the appropriate signal from the original FEEDER. Note to write the corresponding package types and parameters FEEDER parts inside information.